Great Simple New Wedding Ideas

wedding photosThe ultimate purpose of celebrating a wedding is to cement the love that you have with your partner. Above all other things there is the thought of having the best wedding and having new ideas that will make the day successful.

If you want to throw one epic wedding that will leave all people talking then read on to get great new ideas. While there are numerous ways that you can make your wedding great, you can still have a few that can stand among the many weddings that your family or friends have attended.

You should know that some of your friends may have traveled all the way just to see the two of you marry. You should try to keep the area with your friends and guest very interactive and entertaining. This keeps their mind from day dreaming and centering their mind on the wedding creating memories to last a lifetime.

You can have a band performing as they wait for the main even to start, and also include the band at the area that the wedding is going to take place. Music does play a big role in setting the mood for a wedding. Nice soothing music will add a more romantic tone.

Keep your ceremony brief as possible; it is in the ceremony that most people go away. Try with your partner to ensure that the ceremony is engaging and brief. The wedding ceremony should last at most 20 minutes.

You can also have a well formulated program and ensure that all people understand the next procedure and they know exactly where they should go for meals. If you can give the entire guest your personalised program for them to be in the know, then the better.

You may have decided to do a home wedding or a destination wedding but whatever the case, keep in mind that your friends have come many miles , and it is very important if you would have small gifts to show the appreciation of them attending. It is a unique way of doing things and it shows that you value the people that have attended your wedding.

After the wedding is complete, you and your partner can take time to great friends and loved ones that have attended the wedding. You can schedule this at the wedding or at the cocktail, it gives the feeling that you appreciate and value their presences.

You should make sure to have a professional wedding photographer essex in place and talk about how you want the even covered.

Finally at the cocktail make sure that you arrange the chairs in a way that all people can interact. You can also have your chairs arranged in the same manner and make sure that you have a videographer to capture the moments. A videographer is very important and it is also very wise to have one at the start and end of your wedding. They keep the memories of the wedding and keep the good times all intact.

Wedding bands

wedding-vows-ceremony-436d776651f3bff249f4c715c70fcc63A wedding band is the genuine symbol of marriage. Exchanging rings on the wedding day denotes the union of two individuals. It is an indication of the everlasting love and commitment that two individuals offer with one another and a guarantee to be as one forever. A wedding band stays with you perpetually; so it is vital to choose wisely. The markets are overwhelmed with a range of special designs of rings for both men and ladies. It is essential to pick a ring that you will treasure for quite a long time to come.

The types of Orla James wedding bands

Rose Gold: Move over conventional yellow gold, rose gold assumes the position of the new gold of choice for men and women of all ages. Yellow Gold has dependably been an exemplary choice for couples, however they are now moving over to rose gold. Rose gold takes a pinkish bronze appearance that looks phenomenal on all skin tones. Rose gold has the same maintenance as yellow gold, whereas after some time the ring might indicate slight wear, needing to be cleaned and immersed in rhodium plating over time. This is perfectly normal and should not hinder your decision.

Stackable Rings: stackable rings appear to be the new choice among ladies looking for a special alternative to the customary wedding bands. Stacking rings come in a width of around 2 mm and will be of a customary band with more definite colours and stones requested in the metal. The new pattern is to get a solitary slim band at marriage and to add to it through points of reference, for example, birthdays, commemorations and kids. It is best when the rings are all marginally distinctive to add a touch of individuality to your regular look.

Diamond Rings – Diamond is the most prevalent and sought after gemstone for wedding bands. The polish and refinement that precious stoned wedding rings emit makes it an endless symbol of affection. These rings are available in a range of unique models. You can choose from classy solitary to semi-sparkling eternity bands. Coloured diamond rings are also loved by women worldwide.

Gemstone rings – rings with valuable and semi-valuable stones are gradually picking up fame as wedding bands. Emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal and pearl rings are matched in demand. These rings are viewed as a distinct option to customary precious stone wedding bands.

It is recommended to start shopping for rings at least six months before the wedding date. Most rings these days are pre ordered and you can also opt for a special engraved message on your ring. Many couples have their wedding date engraved on rings as a popular trend. Ordering of these rings can take up to six to eight weeks so don’t wait until the last minute. You would not want a ring that does not thrill and excite you or nevertheless fit. Your wedding ring is something you put on your finger daily so ensure you put this item at the top of your ‘wedding to do list’.


Wedding Photographs – The Keepsake From Your Big Day

weddingphotographsFor many couples, this may sound strange question to ask, most will say that professional wedding photography isn’t entirely necessary. This is partly true. But that oversimplifies the meaning of wedding photography. Wedding Photography has changed tremendously over the last twenty years. Today it may even have a different meaning for each couple.

The wedding day tends to go by at a very fast pace. You wouldn’t even realise before everything is over and it is time for the bride and groom to start living their life. Since it is not possible for a person to witness every single thing going on with the wedding, simultaneously that is why people hire photographers. These are the specialists who film every single thing related to the big day so that people could look at those pictures as a reflection of one of the happiest days of their lives.

The collection of wedding pictures will be kept by the couples as a keepsake for their future generations to look fondly at. This is probably the only physical thing people take from their wedding day on which they probably spend thousands of pounds. Since this photography is so important for the couple, it is crucial that you choose a preferably accredited and experienced photographer for a wedding. But choosing the right one can be quite daunting for someone who doesn’t know what factors to look for. Most of the people would never have hired one before and therefore, may be unsure of which requirements to look for.

The best way is first to do a little research about various approaches and styles. You can go online to websites like and browse galleries full of wedding photographs about each style. You can choose any style that appeals to you the most. To get more inspiration, you can see wedding pictures of your favorite celebrities who got married recently. That might provide a better insight about how you would want the photographer to capture the essence of the day.

Next thing you need to plan is set up interviews with different agencies to select the best photographer for your wedding. You can start by asking about his signature style and which approach he is best capable of working on. To get a fairer idea out in a request for their previous work and portfolios. You can specifically ask for the style that you prefer. Make sure that he has shot weddings that are based on the same theme as yours. For example, if it is going to be on a beach wedding, make sure to look for beach wedding photography.

If the big day is planned to happen in a church, ask for a different set of the portfolio. Make sure to discuss all the major highlights and details of what elements you expect from the photography services. Establish clear lines of communication and make sure to talk out all the important stuff associated with the photography. How well you can communicate, your ideas will directly influence the resulting pictures and their quality.

Making your special day all the more exquisite

Wedding-3A day meant for perfection

The wedding day is the day that is meant to be perfect on all accounts. It is a day for which a couple tends to plan for a long time. The day is meant to be an epitome of perfection and romance. It is meant to make the day a special memory for the couple who are joining for the rest of their lives. The wedding day should be such that when you think about it years down the road, you feel a glow in your heart and a smile on your face appears. It should be such that not only the couple is mesmerized, but the attendees also have the time of their lives.

The wedding day is the beginning of a new life and it should be celebrated with style. One of the ways via which you can ensure that everyone remembers your special day with a smile on their face and fondness in their heart would be to arrange for the best entertainment possible. The people who are attending your wedding should be made to feel special as well.

Planning the best entertainment possible

Often, when a wedding is being planned, entertainment tends to take a backseat. However, there are so many decisions that have to be taken with regards to entertainment and if it is not done at the right time, you will find that your special day might not be so special. For instance, do you want a band to play at your wedding or would you rather arrange for an orchestra? Or perhaps is it a DJ from that you find more suitable? What are the songs that are going to be played? What is there in it for the people who are going to attend the wedding?

There is no denying that the wedding day is the day when the couple should be the center of attention and everything should be decided keeping them in mind. However, it also needs to be remembered that everyone who attend the wedding also play a part in making it special for the couple. Thus, when you are planning for the entertainment of your wedding, these are the people that you ought to think about.

Planning ahead of time

It is a better option to be clear about the kind of entertainment you would like to have in your wedding before things get all chaotic and hectic. If you are unsure about how to go about this aspect of wedding planning, you can always get professionals on board. These professionals would do everything in their power to ensure that your special day is perfection redefined. They know how the day can be made special for you and also take into account all those who are part of your celebration. The wedding day is meant to be a memorable one for everyone involved. Do not ruin it with negligence.

How To Pick A Wedding Magician As Entertainment For Your Wedding

Meet Potential Vendor Personally

How will you know if your gown fits if you don’t go see it and try it yourself? You may apply the same principle when booking entertainment for your wedding. This wedding magician may have done hundreds of weddings already but every wedding and couple is unique, so it’s still best to meet him face to face before you decide to hire him.

Know Their Plan B

It would have been great if everything goes according to plan, but we all know that it rarely does. No matter how hard you plan, mishaps just happen. Therefore, it will save you unnecessary headaches if you know how they handle glitches. It would be a red flag if your wedding does not aswer this question.

Consider The Venue

Yes, it’s a wedding magician not an orchestra but certain types of magicians may require a wider space than some. If you have a big venue then no problem, but if not, you might not want to hire an illusionist for your big day since they could come with smaller sized props to pull off their show.

Know How The Wedding Magician Performs

Different magicians have different ways and styles when it comes to doing tricks, which could create different atmosphere too. If you don’t want you wedding theme clashing with his style, then you better confirm this before hiring anyone.

Prepare Your Questions For The Wedding Magician

Most often than not, couples wish they had specifically asked for a detail or  questioned their wedding magician beforehand to make sure things go smoothly but only realise this when it is too late. So whatever concern you may have, interrupting while your guests are eating, though he’s a table magician, or how long you can book them for, are just some examples that you should clear with them first.

If you do have any questions do not hesitate to talk to them or you can contact them via a website.

Why You Need A Wedding Professional Photographer

AA_270Looking back through all the wedding videos really can be an emotional thing. You’re suddenly overwhelmed with nostalgia and memories of a day that sparked the rest of your life. One thing I can’t help but feel however is regret. I spent so much of my time trying to plan the perfect wedding and in the end it didn’t matter because things still went wrong. Though I can definitely say that a wedding is one of the best days of my life I can still think of a few things that I would love to change. One of them being the fact I should definitely have got a wedding photographer.

For my wedding day I decided that I wanted all of the money I had saved for my perfect wedding day to go on the wedding day itself. I fussed over every little detail from bridesmaids dresses to even the cutlery. Though wedding days are pretty much the most romantic thing to happen in a relationship what they won’t tell you is that the planning is lethal. When it comes to the wedding planning us women just can’t help ourselves but to go into overdrive. But its easily explained. We just want a perfect day to remember.

Now I’d love to say that I planned my wedding right down to every little detail but the truth is there were a few mistakes made that could have sent me into a meltdown. The fact that I was marrying the love of my life helped a lot. Firstly I wish I had spent the money on less of the useless details and hired a wedding photographer. Instead I decided to receive the help of a family friend. Though I can’t thank them enough for making the effort to help me out the pictures I have to show for it are blurry and unorganised.

With a professional wedding photographer Essex you get experience. They’ll be able to have each photo organised down to a T with family members placed in various different positions and locations. They work their hardest to provide the highest quality photos that you’ll have to look through in a perfect photo album for the rest of you and your partner’s lives. So if you are planning your wedding and you need to compromise then just remember that some things really do matter.

How To Choose A Wedding Car Hire In Bristol

Just like a wedding cake or a dress, a wedding car is important in any wedding ceremony. Though people would sometimes use their own car or borrow from a friend or relative, it is very hard to find the ideal car for your perfect wedding. If you would like to get the best car available especially in Bristol, using wedding car hire in Bristol is the best way to go. Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.39.35Photography by Jake Morley

Here are some tips on how to hire a wedding car in Bristol.

  1. Decide who will use the wedding car. Though most of the time, the bride is the one who will be in the backseat of a wedding car. You can also choose wedding cars for the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests. You need to decide which of them will be using a wedding car.
  2. Count how many people will be using wedding cars. If you know how many will be using a wedding car, then you can decide how many wedding cars you will be needing.
  3. How long will the wedding car be used. Some weddings will simply go from one venue to another and that will be it for the wedding car. However, there are times when the guests or the couple would like to make some stops during their travel to create the best wedding memories. You need to consider how long you will be renting the wedding car hire in Bristol.
  4. Determine your route. Knowing your route can help you choose the perfect wedding car. If the route is all concrete and just within the city, then you can hire the most luxurious wedding car without any worry. However, if you need to travel in a busy neighborhood or any place which might put the condition of the wedding car at risk, you need to change the route or need a wedding car sturdy enough to handle any kind of situation.
  5. Consider a company which specialises in wedding car hire and if possible operates local. Consider at least 3 wedding car hire firms in Bristol. This will help you get the best deals as well as the best car for your wedding. Hiring a local wedding car is perfect since they can immediately replace the car or driver during emergencies if they are located in the area.
  6. Check if they have a wedding car which will match your wedding theme. The motif or theme of your wedding should be considered when choosing a wedding car.
  7. Check the car conditions. Make sure to get a wedding car in a top condition to prevent car breakdown during the wedding.
  8. Trial run. Test the wedding car as well as how the bride with her gown or the bridesmaid will feel getting in and out of the car. Also check if the car is convenient for travel especially for long distance travel or during traffic.
  9. Book a wedding car as soon as possible. By booking a wedding car in advance, you will not only ensure a wedding car for your wedding, you can also get it cheaper compared to hiring a wedding car just weeks before the wedding day.
  10. Make sure the wedding car and driver will be exclusive for your wedding. Do not hire a wedding car if it will disappear in the middle of a wedding due to double booking on the wedding day.
  11. Check if the rate is appropriate for the service. Compare the rates of multiple car rental companies to know if the rate is reasonable or too expensive.
  12. Check the contract. Make sure there is nothing in the contract which might require you to pay extra or put you in a disadvantage.

Once you’ve found your wedding car hire in Bristol, you can then proceed to the other areas for your wedding.

Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding is a special day. It is a one of a kind party that you want your loved ones to enjoy. To ensure that your guests will have a fun and amazing night, you have to choose the right entertainment for your wedding party.

Before you choose the right wedding entertainment, you have to consider the demographics of your guests and the location of your wedding. Here are some of the things that you have to consider before choosing your wedding entertainment:

  1. Your personal preference

What do you want to create in your wedding party? Do you want your guests to have fun? Do you want them to have something tangible that they will carry with them after the party? You have to focus on the experience that you want to create for you and your guests.stubbornsweethearts

  1. Availability

Of course, you have to choose the type of entertainment that is available on your wedding day.images

  1. Your Budget

You have to choose the kind of entertainment that is within your budget. If you can’t afford to hire a band, for example, it is best to go for a DJ or a solo

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding is also a great way to entertain your guests. They will surely have fun posing and making funny faces in front of the camera. Here are some of the other reasons why you should hire a photo booth for your wedding party:

  • Photo booths are entertaining!

Your guests will really have a great time posing before the camera. They will get to exchange a few laughs with other guests. Weddings and other parties can be awkward and boring. Having a local photo booth hire london party allows your guests to just have a good time!Photobooth-image

  • Photo strips can be a unique and great guest book.

Photo strips are amazing! It usually takes a while for the couple to claim their professional wedding photos so the photo strips can serve as their guest book. You can’t possibly talk to each one of the guests during your wedding party. So, the photo strips will allow you to determine who actually made it to your wedding party.original_hessian-burlap-wedding-guest-book

  • Photo booths have sharing capabilities.

You can actually share pictures taken in photo booths on Facebook. This will allow your guests to tag themselves, which will further enhance their experience on your wedding.Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.32.13

  • Photo strips are great wedding favors.

If you are on a budget, photo strips can be great wedding favors. Your guests can take home the photos that were taken in the photo booth, and they can post them on their fridge. Photo booths will allow your guests to take home happy memories.

  • It gives you and your spouse a few private moments during the wedding.

You and your spouse are the center of attraction in your wedding day. So having a photo booth in your wedding party will allow you to have a few private moments with your spouse. It allows you to have fun moments together where you can goof around and just be yourselves.

  • Photo booths are affordable.

You do not have to break the bank to hire a photo booth for your wedding. Hiring a photo booth for your wedding party is extremely affordable and it gives great value for your money.

In choosing your wedding entertainment, you have to make sure that your guests will have loads of fun during the party. So, pick the type of entertainment that will make your wedding party memorable. You can get a band or a DJ, but it is definitely a must to hire a photo booth to make your wedding fun and memorable.

What Difference Can A Wedding Magician Make

wedding-planner-11A wedding is a magical experience not just for the bride and groom but for the guests too. It’s a day that you’ll never forget and you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Emotions run high, after all it’s not a wedding without tears, happy tears we hope. There are some things that are overlooked when organising a wedding and the wedding reception is often one of them.

A wedding reception is really a party after the deed has been done to celebrate the newly weds. A controversial opinion however is that the reception is more for the wedding guests as the bride and groom are just happy to have each other. Unhappy guests mean stress that isn’t needed so why not keep them entertained?

Everyone loves to have a dance at a wedding reception so it’s only right that you hire a DJ. Besides music is often a great way to break the ice between guests that may not know each other.

As said earlier a wedding is a truly magical day so why not stick to theme? Hiring a wedding magician is something you won’t regret. Your guests will be dazzled and your wedding reception is guaranteed to be different.

Sometimes the bride and groom can be the reception entertainment with the new craze that has swept the wedding industry. Putting a twist on the first dance with either humorous or glamorous choreography shows originality. What’s more the guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you.



How to Make You Look Good in Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is almost near and this means that soon enough, you will be snapping loads of pictures of you, your partner, the guests and all your loved ones. Some individuals do not really like being photographed during weddings probably because they feel awkward or they are camera shy however, in most instances, whether you are the bride, the groom, the bridesmaid or the guest, you will surely find yourself in front of the camera.

Since it is a wedding, the bride and the groom remains the center of attraction. Having cameras aimed towards their direction is not really something that they are used to so, are they really aware on how to look their best in their wedding photos. If you are trapped within this same question, you can consider helpful ways to look your best in front of the camera during your wedding. We’ve grilled Paul Hubbard, Wedding Photographer based in Essex & Videographer to help us answer the following questions.

How to Look Good in your Wedding Photos?

Your wedding event is considered to be one of the most photographed events in your life and this somehow carries a big pressure. After having your makeup and hair done and he is in the perfect tuxedo, both of you will feel great and fabulous. But to ensure that you look good on your wedding photos, follow these tips:

  • Strike a Natural Pose

The ultimate key towards looking good and glamorous in your wedding photo is to look natural and composed without actually looking overly posed. What do this means? Think of your favorite pictures, probably pictures during your graduation or any event where you look poised and happy but not directly looking on the cameras. Look how you smile and stand on these pictures. These types of pictures are usually keepers so to make you look good in your wedding photos, try to mimic these looks and smiles in your wedding day.

  • Pay No Attention to the Camera

When taking your wedding photos, ignoring the camera can actually make you look great. Instead of focusing on the camera, focus on one another instead. You can whisper sweet nothings or jokes or remind each other about how far both of you have come starting your very first date or recall the very first time he said “ I love you”. These things actually leave natural yet romantic expressions instead of merely saying “cheese”.

  • Avoid Squinting      

If sunlight is making you squint when taking your wedding photos, close your eyes while the photographer is counting to three then open your eyes as the wedding picture is taken.

  • Take Two

Another way to make you look good in your wedding photos is to hire and book the same photographer who took your engagement photo. Photo sessions prior to the wedding can somehow relieve wedding jitters for the reason that you will be warmed up with the style of the photographer.

These are just few of the many ways on how to make you look good in your wedding photos. Another thing to keep in mind is to relax, put the best face forward and have fun as wedding photos are being taken. Wedding photos are supposed to last for a lifetime so it is highly imperative that you like them.